Crochet Tops For Every Wardrobe (Leisure Arts #4089) $13.95
Crochet Tops For Every Wardrobe (Leisure Arts #4089)
One of the most delicious things a girl can do for herself is to show up in a new look. So, why not treat yourself to these fresh fashions in crochet? A ballet top pirouettes in the hue of pink lemonade. The deep raspberry sleeveless top is lightly iced with white lace. Cocoa-brown richness takes shape as a belted jacket. And swirls of apple green come together to create a tangy temptation of a blouse.
4 tops to crochet using size 10 crochet cotton thread: Ballet Wrap (sizes 33 inch, 36 inch, 39 inch, and 42 inch); Pretty with Lace Camisole (sizes 32.25 inch, 35 inch, 37.5 inch, and 40 inch); Belted Jacket (sizes 37.5 inch, 40 inch, 42.5 inch, and 45 inch); and Swirls Top (sizes 34 inch, 37 inch, 39.5 inch, and 43 inch). Three designs are for experienced skill level; the camisole is for intermediate.
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