Knitting Beyond The Edge Book By Nicky Epstein $26.95
Knitting Beyond The Edge Book By Nicky Epstein

Cuffs and Collars Necklines Hems Closures The Essential Collection of Decorative Finishes by Nicky Epstein

Shes already knitted On and Over the edge and now Nicky Epstein is going even beyond that! Here, she shares more than 150 one of a kind adornments for cuffs, collars, angles, corners, and necklines embellishments for any type of garment edging. With her signature inventiveness, Nicky provides an abundance of ideas and takes stitchers one step further. Whereas the first two books used swatches to illustrate the edgings, these beautiful and elaborate finishings are incorporated right into the actual garments design, so its easy to see just how they will look. They range in difficulty level; some are simple but elegant, others complex and truly extraordinary. Theres a bell sleeve jacket with a Celtic knot closure; a stylish cable hooded wrap thats textured with unusual patterns and bobbles; and a Fair Isle coat in eight different colors of yarn and with an unusual hem treatment and twisted cord embellishment. All are accompanied by detailed instructions and crisp color photography.

A Selection of The Crafters Choice Book Club.

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