Russian Inspired Lace Shawl Techniques with Sandy Terp $39.95
Russian Inspired Lace Shawl Techniques with Sandy Terp
In the beautiful surroundings of her home and office, Sandy Terp begins by showing you how traditional Russian lace shawls are made as well as how and why she has modified their design. Then Sandy teaches you the techniques used in their construction as she leads you, stitch by stitch, through a project lace doily that employs all of these techniques. By using a lace doily to teach these methods, you are able to learn how to construct corners and edging, join the edging to the main body of the project and how to finish and block your work. The end result is a very attractive lace doily that encompasses all of the techniques used in the shawl but done in a project 1/10th the size of a typical shawl. All of the stitches are explicitly shown in both the American and Continental styles from the point of view of the knitter using high contrast threads with the relevant row from the chart shown as a sub-title making it extremely easy to follow along. A review of related books and appropriate threads and needles is also included. Resource CD Includes: project charts, project instructions, pictures of the project, and pictures of shawls that use these techniques.
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