Krazy Cuts Scrap Spiral Block Quilt Pattern
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Krazy Cuts Scrap Spiral Block Quilt Pattern

Radiating outwards, but no center points or complicated rules. The Krazy Cuts Spiral block wastes little fabric and works up very quickly. The block is made from two large triangles each made from several smaller triangles of fabric that can be roughly cut at the start of the project. Two sets of fabric are used in each block.


  • Functioning sewing machine and thread
  • At least a dozen different fabrics sorted into two piles (with enough total yards to make your quilt top)
  • Rotary cutter
  • Cutting mat
  • Square quilting ruler (we used a 9.5 inch ruler but a 12.5 inch would work too)
  • 24 inch ruler for cutting fabrics
  • Iron and ironing board

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