Glamour Wraps (Leisure Arts #3907) $6.95
Glamour Wraps (Leisure Arts #3907)
Little dashes of drama that rest ever-so-lightly on your shoulders, ponchinis are the newest shape of crochet. Fashion the sweet indulgences with specialty yarns in your favorite colors. You'll find that these four designs by Melissa Leapman work up quickly, which makes them excellent for spur-of-the-moment projects. Catch the glow of a lovely rose-centered ponchini, or let the spirit of a special occasion embrace you with the softness of faux fur. Feeling festive? Wrap yourself in a net of bold texture, or display a gentle mesh of ribbon yarn, using it to your best advantage. Ponchinis impart an extra bit of flair to any ensemble. Don't miss the chance to look, and feel, this marvelous! Stapled; 12 pages.4 Designs: Antique Rose, Confetti, Fascination, and Faux Fur.
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