Penny Straker #731-T Swiss Check Trilogy (Worsted Weight) $8.00
Penny Straker #731-T Swiss Check Trilogy (Worsted Weight)

A hat, a cap and two different leg warmer designs all in one pattern! Swiss Check, Swiss Check Stripe and Ribbon Pattern are all easy slipstitch patterns, which use one color for two consecutive rows. This feature eliminates the need to carry two yarns along a row, leaving fewer ends to weave in when your knitting is done.

The Swiss Check Hat, worked on #8 needle, has a Stockinette Stitch facing, which is hemmed up behind the cuff, to add warmth and body. Although written for three colors, the third color is only used in the Ribbon Pattern, making it a way to use some of those broken balls of yarn in your stash! A braided cord runs in and out of the facing at the brim, which helps to adjust the fit.

The cap, John’s Cap, is a quick knit with a short P2, K2 Ribbed cuff worked on #3 needles and the Swiss Check Stripe worked on #7 needles. A good design for a seasoned beginner.

There are two designs for leg warmers, one to match Swiss Check Hat and the other for John’s Cap in Swiss Check Stripe. Both are fun to knit and colorful and warm to wear!

Hat & Cap Sizes Petite, Small, Medium & Large.

Leg Warmer Sizes Petite, Small, Medium, Large & X-Large.

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