Edition Rebecca Sweater With Cable Pattern Knit Pattern 16 $5.50
We have got everything that's new - just for you: new forms, like long sweaters with low necklines, wide jackets with large collars, and tops with sleeves of differing lengths, for the latest of layer looks. Knit dresses with superb patterns, narrow and delicate, combined with leggings, or coarsely knit as a sweater dress with roll neck. Camouflage shades, like brown, beige, rust, black, and of course, the latest color of disguises, gray, interrupted by a few highlights like petrol or orange. We also have all that has been left over: effects resulting from cable patterns, ribs and lace elements, stripes in all their variety, as a thin line or bold stripes, bringing life into play, or designs in white - as always the favorite colors for the cooler time of year.
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