Greensleeves Butchers Crown $18.00
Greensleeves Butchers Crown

This original idea came about during an exhaustive lecture to my son-in-law on the merits of hook tweaking, and learning to do so properly. Even the slightest of bumps can place the hook out of its Optimum spin, causing wobble and an unpleasant spinning experience. How often does this happen while carrying a spindle about on the way to a retreat, guild meeting, or even on display at home? Cory Butcher came up with this concept, while watching me fret over travel protection of the all-important hook, and the Butchers Crown is named in his honor. The Butchers Crown fits snugly and sits firmly on the upper shaft and hook, protecting the hook from displacement, it also doubles as a wrist distaff, just take the Butchers Crown off of your spindle and slip the elastic over your wrist and presto! Instant wrist distaff. We make the Butchers Crown in a scrumptious variety of woods to mix and match with our lovely spindles. The Butchers Crown can also be made to custom order to fit most spindles. , and almost any fine fiber.

Wood and color may vary.

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