Prism Lace Wool Colorway Meadow $38.00
Prism Lace Wool Colorway Meadow

Prism Lace Wool Yarn is a delicious light weight wool with tons of yardage. Supremely soft with enough stick to the fibers that it doesn't slide around so your lace has beautiful definition. One skein does a generously sized shawl or several scarves. Prism has used two skeins to make an inventive wrap with sleeves that can be worn several ways, featured in Book 42. To minimize handling, these skeins are twisted and labeled in their original packaging from the mill, so the colors appear as blocks instead of spread throughout the skein as you see in their other yarns. When winding, be careful to make sure that all strands are going in the correct direction and that the knot is floating on the surface. Lace Wool is available in all of Prisms hand dyed colors.

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