Alapaca Wool Core Spun Rug Bumps $150.00
Alapaca Wool Core Spun Rug Bumps
Aroostock Fiber Mill is a local mill that creates these beautiful alpaca bumps using local fiber. All natural alpaca fibers are wrapped around a core creating a gorgeously heavy core spun yarn that makes beautiful rugs! Each bump is approximately 90 yards which create a 2' x 3' rug using either really big knitting needles or a really bit crochet hook. Our Knitting with Friends Big Knitting Needles and Crochet Hooks in sizes US 35 or 50 will make this process work for you! Each bump varies in color - if you need multiple bumps, we are happy to order in closely matching colors for you. The bumps are awesome and made with local alpaca in a local mill! We are sooooo excited to have found these for you!
Content:80% Alpaca 20% Wool
Yardage:90 yards (83 m)
35 or 50
Quantity desired: