Interweave Handwoven Sept/Oct 06 $6.30
Interweave Handwoven Sept/Oct 06

Get the best in weaving with Handwoven magazine—from first-rate how-to projects, to inspirational artist profiles, and all the weaving news you’ll need to keep inspired. Every issue is full of the latest colors, fibers, and design ideas . . . that will send you to your loom.

Weaving Your Own Web: How to Get Your Guild Online by Heidi Leech

Twenty-first Century Towels

For Starters Doggie Bags—for Dogs! by Jo Anne Setzer

Decorative Holiday Pet Collars by Sherrie Amada Miller

Weekend Weaver They’re Catnip to a Cat! Handwoven Cat Toys by Margaret Anderson

A Kniitted Look for Scarves: Handwoven in Bead Leno

by Marvelyn Albert A Plushy Mat for a Cat Using Handwoven Chenille Weft by Sigrid Piroch

It’s a Dog’s Life! A Comfy Bed in Taqueté by Sheila O’Hara

Equine Elegance: Fancy’s Saddle Blanket by Pamela Jones

Canine Couture: Coats for Your Best Friend by Ruth Morrison

A Cover for Your Feathered Friend by Suzie Liles

Handwoven’s Fabric Forecast Fabric Forecast for Spring/Summer ’07 by Daryl Lancaster

Tile Wrap: A Free Project from the New Book Time to Weave by Jane Patrick

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