Kids Favorites

Where is Wooly you would like to know? You will have to start at page one of this beguiling picture book. Somebodys sweet, wooly sheep face peeks out from behind a bush on the cover of this tale, giving a tempting peek. As the reader dives into the story, he or she will discover that Poppy and Sam, two small children, have counted only six out of what apparently should be seven sheep. Thus begins a hunt for the little lost sheep, the missing Wooly. Along the way the little ones discover the surprising whereabouts of many other farm animals and even Mom, often in comic places. Finally, by lifting flaps that is a gate, a door or a sheet drying on the line, Wooly is finally discovered and is duly chastised and sent back to her friendly flock. Along the way a little duck has popped up on each page. Entertaining and cheerful, this is a great addition to a childs library. Color illustrations.